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How it Works?

Be a Host


Driver Registration

Sign up and register as a host/driver. Upload the required scanned documents for verification


Account Verification

Once your identity and eligibility as a host/driver has been verified, then, you are ready to go! You can post an offer (place and date) where you are going to travel.

You will be notified when someone accepts your offer or book your car.

Confirm the trip and contact the guest/passenger immediately if you have questions.

Contact the guest/passenger to confirm where you will meet.

Before starting your journey, check your license and check the fuel and mileage to make sure that you will have a safe trip.

Be a Guest

Sign up for WeRide with Facebook, Google or your email. You can immediately use your account after successful verification.

Book the travel and wait for the confirmation of the host/driver. You can contact the host/driver if you have a question.

Contact the host/driver to confirm your pick up place.



You can choose from different payment methods. Once your payment has been received by our system, it will be held until you arrive at the destination and initiate it to be transferred to the driver.

Enjoy your journey! Don’t forget to rate, give feedback and share to your friends your experience with us.